Billing software in Europe: Germany

Imagine the amount of 6 billion invoices. This is how much invoices are issued in Germany every year. More than 2 million trees are necessary to supply this amount of invoices with paper. Fortunately, some part of the invoices is sent electronically. According to the study surveyed 1000 largest companies, 1/3 of the total invoice volume is sent electronically using billing software. Of course for developed country like Germany the amount of e-invoices should be higher.

There are some rules for concerning electronic invoices. Electronically sent invoices should be ensured with electronic signature or electronic data interchange (EDI). In compliance with EC directive the content of the invoice should be ensured since the moment of issuing until the end of storage period. In 2011 legislation simplified requirements concerning invoices. For VAT purposes now are acceptable both paper end electronic invoices. As the legislation changed the process of invoicing became faster, easier and more efficient. All that could be achieved by using billing software. Nowadays billing software provides all necessary features that help improving your business.

Let’s compare costs. Sending invoice by postal service costs approximately 16.16 EUR. Electronic transfer of invoice using billing software could cost you about 2 EUR. The saving is obvious. That is the reason why 4 of 5 companies would choose billing software instead of sending paper invoices. In order to optimise costs I would choose the same solution for my business. Anyway, we have to further with a technical progress. And billing software is the part of the progress for sure.

23 Apr 2012