Thinking of a vacation? Rent a house in Thailand and visit Ko Samui Island!

Thailand is the best place for spending your holidays. There are many different places where to stay. But this time I advise you to go to Ko Samui Island. And also try something different and rent a house in Thailand instead of a hotel. This will make your holidays much more impressive.

Samui is popular because of its coral reefs, white sandy beaches and coconut trees. Samui Island is located on the east of the Gulf of Thailand. It’s third largest island of Thailand. Samui is attractive for tourists. That’s why 1.5 million tourists visit the island annually. Better rent a house in Thailand in advance, so you could get best apartments and good prices. The coast line of the island is full of different beaches, but central of the Samui is uninhabitable because of mountains and jungles. There are wide choice of resorts and bungalows, so it won’t be a problem to rent a house in Thailand.

If you prefer quiet beaches, choose some of the west coast beaches. The most popular beach Chaweng is also located on the west coast of the island. The coast line of this beach is 6 km long and full of beautiful bays. Also major part of the entertainment, bars and restaurants is concentrated exactly on Chaweng. When you will rent a house in Thailand, notice that prices for apartments on Chaweng are higher than on the rest of beaches on Samui.

Samui has its own airport which makes it easier and faster to come to Samui from the mainland. But you also can reach Samui by ferry. Samui Island has the road that goes around the island and is about 52 km long. If you rent a car you can go around the island in some 2 hours. But first of all rent a house in Thailand and then you can choose what beaches and sights of Samui you will visit. Have nice Thai holidays!

15 Mar 2012